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doodling something peaceful to the music on my doodle blog u q u

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Some WIPS of a shot in my Major Project “The Alchemists and the Dragon”.
- Concept / Guide
- Roughs
- Lineart

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Apologies that this isn’t really ‘new’, but I spent some time last night touching up this old piece a bit :)

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Sailor moon collection II

Pixiv id : sizh 

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Spirited Away (2001) dir. Hayao Miyazaki

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Do you guys know how I know I have the best bestie around? She got flipping Polly Guo to draw a picture of us for my birthday. She printed it out at Kinkos and when I pulled it out of the bag my heart fell out of my butt, and I almost cried, and I gushed about it so much that it almost sounded insincere. Like, my excitement knew no realistic bounds. I still can’t believe it, holy crap, wow. Polly drew us!! Flippin!! POLLY!!

IT’S TRUE her heart fell out of her butt and I had to clean it up since it was her birthday- there was blood and poop everywhere, it was SO GROSS.