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I have been interviewed for Cartoon Brew so I took this chance to share some Ping Pong backgrounds and the color-script of the first episode. I hope you will enjoy them.

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Some warmup landscapes.

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Just felt like trialing 2 very different art styles and how they look in animation. I actually like both to be honest. They give different moods.
Oh and the sketch is there as well for reference

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Photoshop animation test. Hope it’ll works!

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Alright I’ve succumbed to fan art. Based off of the movie Chocolat, which I’ve re-watched more times than I’m willing to admit.

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(F5 for some edits… got a great critique on FA!)

I need to do more studies. I hate doing them from photos, but it’s the best way to see animals that would shred my face or necessitate laser eye vision to see them from three miles away. B:

I think this was little over an hour from start to finish?

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